We have always helped our clients deal with the challenges of getting into and staying in business. Over the years, we have adapted to mirror the changing business climate of the day and continue to do so as the world and businesses continue their evolution.  

In yesterday’s world, what may have taken decades to effect change are now reduced to months and years instead.  This requires fast actions and reactions and a business associate that can keep in step to help facilitate those actions.

A look back at our beginnings would certainly demonstrate our commitment to adapt and help our clients survive. In 1999 American Credit Bureaus became part of The ABDA Group, Incorporated which purchased a long standing credit services company operating since 1967 and formed the newly consolidated credit bureau of today. We have two offices in Louisiana, one in Crowley, the other in Lafayette. You may recognize our local trade names American Credit Bureaus, The Credit Bureau of Crowley and The Lafayette Credit Bureau.

As part of that back story, originally we provided only accounts receivable services, but today, that has all changed. We offer consumer and commercial credit reporting as a service, development and compiling of consumer and business credit data, resale of credit reports, employment and tenant screening, property reports, risk management services, financial consulting, collection and mitigation services.  All programs are tailored and customized for professional credit, medical, employers, property management and financial services companies.  

This is quite different than at the start and a tribute to the very beginnings in 1967. Looking ahead keeps us meeting the challenges our clients face and the services they need to survive. We stay on the cutting edge of services, management and technology to meet those needs and make business just a little bit safer and easier for our clients whom we thank for relying on us.